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THE 39th Viking Window PAIDE – TÜRI PUBLIC RUN

  1. General information

1.1 The 39th Viking Window Paide – Türi Public Run takes place on 26th September 2021.

1.2 The 39th Wiking Window Paide-Türi Public Run is organised by a non-profit company Paide-Türi Rahvajooks in cooperation with the city administration of Paide and the municipality of Türi.

1.3 The race is arranged in accordance to the international race regulations and this instruction.

1.4 Program:

  • 13.6km Paide - Türi distance
  • 5km Türi distance – running, walking, Nordic walking
  • Children’s races in Paide and Türi


  1. Participants

​2.1 Everyone fit enough to complete the distance is allowed to participate

2.2 Participating in this event is on your own responsibility (legal guardian for underagers)

2.3 The organizers advise to have a health check before registering


Race Regulations of Paide-Türi and Türi distances


  1. Start and Finish

3.1 The registration and dressing rooms for Paide-Türi (13.6km) distance are in Paide E-Piim Sports Hall. The start of Paide-Türi distance is in front of Paide Music and Theatre House at 13.30

3.2 Participants with the race numbers 1-50 will be placed in the first start group. Their start area will be marked separately. Starting in the wrong start group will result in disqualification

3.3 The registration for Türi (5km) distance is in Türi Co-educational Gymnasium

3.4 The start of Türi (5km) distance is on Türi Town Stadium (Tolli 51) at 13.00

3.5 Only participants with the start numbers of the year 2021 are allowed on the course.

3.6 Only the person who the race number is assigned to after registration is allowed to race with that number.

3.7 The finish for both Paide-Türi and Türi distances is on Türi Town Stadium.

3.8 The finish for Paide-Türi distance will be closed at 15.30

3.9 The finish for Türi distance will be closed at 15.00

3.10 Participants who exceed the time limit will be marked as DNF (did not finish). For Paide-Türi distance there a possibility to be transported the finish with the final bus.


  1. The course

4.1 Paide-Türi distance will take place on the streets of Paide and Türi and on Rakvere-Pärnu road

4.2 To ensure their security the participants must follow the instructions of the course officials

4.3 There will be 2 aid stations of Paide-Türi distance: in Kirna and Türi-Alliku


  1. Interim finishes

5.1 There will be 4 intermediate sprints on the Paide-Türi distance


  1. Registration

6.1 Registration is open on the website until 24.09.2021 17.00 and on site on race day.

6.2 Group registration is open the website until 20.09.2021.

6.3 There will be 3 different price periods for pre-registration. The participants name will be put on the start list after payment.

6.4 Participation fee can be paid via a bank link after filling in the registration form.

6.5 When paying with a bank transfer the participant name will be added to the start list within 7 days of receiving the payment.

6.6 Conformation of registration is the name being added to the start list, which can be found on

6.7 On race day the on site registration and issuing of race materials for Paide-Türi distance is in Paide E-Piim Sports Hall (Aiavilja 1) at 10.00-13.00 and for Türi distance in Türi Co-educational Gymnasium (Tolli 62) at 10.00-12.30.

6.8 Changing the distance, participant's name, et al. can be done in the registration system on until 24.09.2021 17.00. The fee for changing the registration is 10€.


  1. Participation fees


until 14.02.21

15.02 – 31.08.21

1.09 – 24.09.21

Race day

Adults (born 2000 and before)

15 €

20 €

25 €

40 €

Under 20 year-olds ja over 60 year-olds (main distances)

10 €

15 €

20 €

30 €

Participation fees include:

7.1 race number

7.2 timing chip and timing on main distances

7.3 dressing rooms and transportation of clothes to the finish

7.4 water at drink stations and in the finish (13.6 km and 5 km)

7.5 medal for each participant at the finish line

7.6 medical help if needed

7.7 transport to the finish for those who discontinue the race (13.6 km and 5 km)

7.8 catering at Türi stadium (13.6 km and 5 km)

7.9 washing facilities for men in Türi Town Gym and for women in Türi Co-educational Gymnasium (Türi Ühisgümnaasium)

7.10 Offers from our partners


  1. Timing

8.1 There will be electronic timing for Paide-Türi and Türi distances.

8.2 Timing is done with electronic timing chips. Disposable timing chips are attached to the reverse side of the race number. The chips will not be returned at the finish line.

8.3 It is forbidden to remove or fold the chip.

8.4 In order to avoid needless bustle with timing, the race number should be properly fixed on the participant's chest and must not be lost during the race. It can’t be covered when crossing the finish line.


  1. Age groups and distances:

13.6 km Paide-Türi distance
Age groups (according to years of birth):

U14 M/F 2008 and younger
U16 M/F 2006-2007
U18 M/F 2004-2005
M/F 1982-2003
M/F40 1972-1981
M/F50 1962-1971
M/F60 1952-1961
M/F70 1951 and older

5 km Türi distance
Age groups (according to years of birth):

U12 M/F 2010 and younger
U14 M/F 2008-2009
U16 M/F 2006-2007
U18 M/F16 2004-2005
M/F 2003 and older


  1. Results

10.1 Result will be published on

10.2 The results of age groups will be in the finish protocols.


  1.  Prize-giving

11.1 The award ceremony for Paide-Türi and Türi distances is on Türi Town Stadium at 14.30

11.2 Six best men and six best women of the Paide–Türi distance are awarded. TOP 3 will receive a cup and prize money, 4th, 5th and 6th place a cup and a gift card.

11.3 Three best men and three best women of the Türi distance will be awardes with cups and gift cards

11.4 Three best in the youth and senior age groups will be awarded with cups.

11.5 To receive the prize the winner must participate in the award ceremony.


  1. Transportation

12.1 Buses take the participants to the start lines.

12.2 After the award ceremony the participant can used organized transport from Türi Town Stadium to Paide

12.3 Bags and clothes will be transported from Paide to Türi

12.4 There will be an option to store your bags for the participant of the Türi distance.


  1. Organizers rights

13.1 The organizer has the right to disqualify a participant when the do not follow the rules.

13.2 All protest will be dealt with by the organizers

13.3 The organizers have the right to use picture and videos taken from the event by official photographers.

13.4 The participation fees will not be refunded if the race is cancelled due to force major

13.5 By registering and paying the participation fee the participant:

13.5.1 Agrees to the race regulations

13.5.2 Agrees that their personal data will be used according to the law

13.5.3 Confirms that they are fit and healthy to participate in a sports event

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